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We've created this simple rating system to help you judge your ability to build the garden furniture and garden structure projects offered on

In deciding whether you can build any of the projects, keep in mind that these plans include very complete, step-by-step instructions and lots of detailed illustrations. So you may be able to tackle more difficult projects than you think.

In any case, if you purchase a plan that you can't use, please contact us for a refund. The contact information is in the email you will receive to confirm your purchase.

degee of difficulty
Very Simple
Requires only very basic hand tools and the ability to follow simple instructions. We sometimes call these "glue and screw" projects, and occasionally even glue and screws aren't needed, only a few nails. You buy the wood at a local lumber yard or home center. It's already the right width and thickness. All you have to do is cut it to length. No woodworking experience is needed.
Tools usually required:
Hand saw
Measuring tape

degee of difficulty
Requires basic hand tools and the ability to follow instructions. The tools required would be the same as the "Very Simple" category above. The difference here is in the complexity of the plan. The projects will probably be bigger than the "Very Simple" projects and it will have more parts.
Tools usually required:
Hand saw
Tape measure

degee of difficulty
Requires hand tools and a few portable or handheld power tools, and the ability to follow instructions. You'll have to be able to measure and cut or drill accurately. Stationary power tools will speed up the job, but are really not required. Note: Patience is always helpful.
Typical tools required:
Hand tools, as above
Circular saw or table saw
Electric drill
Jig saw or sabre saw

degee of difficulty
Requires hand tools and either portable power tools mentioned above, or in most cases, stationary power tools which will make the job a bit faster and easier. You'll also need to follow more involved directions. These projects can be complex in the sense that you might be building a couple small things and then have to put them all together to complete the project itself. They may also require a bit more complex joinery which requires specialized hand tools or power tools. It's unlikely that you'll be able to buy the wood "off the shelf." You'll need to rip it to width as well as cut to it to length. These projects would be appropriate for the intermediate to advanced woodworker.
Typical tools required:
Table saw

degee of difficulty
These projects are best tackled by experienced woodworkers who either have their own shop full of tools, or have access to a shop full of tools. These projects will have advanced joinery, like mortise and tenon joints, box joints, dovetail joints, dadoes, grooves and rabbets. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might want to get someone else to build one of these projects for you.
Typical tools required:
Table Saw
Router/router table
Band saw
Drill press
Thickness planer

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